Silent Tokyo

One of the basic human
requirements is the need to dwell,
and one of the central human acts
is the act of inhabiting,
of connecting ourselves,
however temporarily,with a place
on the planet which belongs to us
and to which we belong. *

* Foreword to an essay
by Jun‘ichirò Tanizaki                                                                                
 „In Praise of Shadows“ 

In 2010 2013 and 2016
I temporarily inhabited Tokyo,
it felt like I belonged there,
taking some stillives,
dwelling just for one month,
another home,
temporarily connecting !

This huge town is like  
an Art House.
Tokyo of the Arts

Wounded Tree in Daïkanyama
A Bus Stop in Ebisu
Packed Car
Tokyo Bay Police Station
En gare d’Ebisu
An Office Building in Yokohama
Yokohama Skywalk
Ueno Park
In front of Yosakumi Shrine
A Buliding Site in Azabu
Un sculpteur dans Tokyo